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Member Spotlight

Christie Wolverton 
Christi Wolverton
Director of Development & Public Relations
Christian Fellowship School
AFP Member for 4 Years 

Meet Christi! She works for Christian Fellowship School, a local private school for grades PK-12, whose mission is to partner with Christian parents to provide quality education and prepare students for a lifetime of service in their communities. Speaking about her job, she says “I love the energy and enthusiasm kids have for life.  They always have a fresh outlook and a unique perspective!” At Christian Fellowship School, she started out as a parent, then board member, then volunteer and she is now raising money professionally for the school.

She believes that every day is a fresh start. She never stops learning new things and believes nothing is impossible. As a professional fundraiser, she says, “I get to match people with their passions by recruiting volunteers and inspiring donors to support our mission of Christian education.” She encourages other fundraising professionals to keep their eyes on the big picture and not to get lost in the small details. She also suggests not doing it all alone. “Always delegate and share the joy of success with others!”

Outside of her work, her greatest personal accomplish is her marriage and children. She enjoys encouraging all of them to be better, watching them succeed, all of which helps her become a better person in the process.

As a newcomer to the fundraising field, Christi says that AFP has helped tremendously. She is able to attend local chapter meetings and use the website for online resources not otherwise available for through her non-profit. She hopes to encourage other small non-profits to learn from one another and not be intimidated by a lack of knowledge in the field. “Fundraising is the business of developing relationships over time.  People will not give beyond their level of trust in your organization.  Be truthful always,” she says.


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Interview by: Nadège Uwase